How to Remove Paint From a Canvas: My Experience

remove paint from canvas

There is no artist who ever lived who hasn’t made a mistake and had to figure out how to get rid of it. Sometimes it isn’t even a mistake, but there is something that the artist would like to change. If you have already added paint to a canvas, how do you remove it to …

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Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Watercolor Paper?

acrylic painting on watercolor paper

If you are anything like me you love to experiment with several different art mediums. So far, my favorites are acrylic paints and watercolor paints. I like using watercolors because I don’t have to be bothered with a canvas. I can easily carry around a few sheets of watercolor paper or even a watercolor block …

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How Long Does Oil Paint Last?

oil paint shelf life

We all know that oil paintings can last for hundreds of years. But, what is the shelf life of the actual oil paint? How Long Are Oil Paints Good For? Oil paint can last up to 40 years when it is properly cared for before you need to throw it away and buy new paint. …

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How Long Does Acrylic Paint Last?

acrylic paint shelf life

When I teach paint and sip classes, I am frequently asked about the shelf life of acrylic paint. These paints are popular because they dry so quickly, but can this also be a bad thing? It only makes sense to think that if the paints dry quickly on a canvas they may also dry up …

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How to Thicken Oil Paint: 9 Tested Ways

thick oil paints

Have you thinned out your oil paint too much, or was it too thin to begin with? Just because your oil paint is too thin, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out and spend a lot of money on a new set of paints. There are a few different ways that you can …

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How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 3 Easy Ways

thinning acrylic paint

If you are just getting into the world of acrylic painting, you may not realize that acrylic paints can be found in a variety of consistencies. Some are very thin-bodied while others can be as thick as paste for those who wish to use the impasto technique. It may be that you accidentally bought paint …

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Oil Paint on Paper Tips: How to Prime and Use

oil painting paper

Every artist uses paper at some point. Some artists even use paper for painting instead of painting on canvas. Here is the million-dollar question: Should you use oil paint on paper? Some artists will go to great lengths to avoid painting on paper. They only use paper for ideas, sketches, and other mediums, such as …

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How to Thicken Acrylic Paint: Tested Methods

thickening acrylic paint

Anyone who has worked with acrylic paints knows that the paint should be neither too thick nor too thin. There are actually times when you would want your paint to be thicker, such as when working on leather and some types of canvas. But, there may come a time when you are working with acrylics …

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Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof? How to Weatherproof

acrylic paint waterproof

Acrylic paint is fun and easy to work with, and one of my favorite mediums. When I teach paint and sip classes, I am often asked many questions about acrylic paint, including whether or not it is waterproof. Acrylic paint is water-based. It dries quickly, and as I mentioned it is easy to work with. …

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What Is Alkyd Paint? The Pros and Cons

alkyd paint

Most people have heard of oil paints, acrylic paints, and watercolor paints. But, have you ever heard of alkyd paints? These are just like regular oil paints, with one big difference: they contain alkyd resin, a hardening agent that dries quickly. This means a painting created with alkyds will look like an oil painting, but …

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