Paint and Sip Cruise: Make It Your Next Vacation

paint and sip cruises

Did you know that you can spend your vacation immersed in art classes while enjoying cruising on the open water? There are all kinds of fun, themed cruises, including paint and sip cruises and cruises that are dedicated to art classes. Even many cruise lines that don’t offer art-themed cruises often offer art classes, led …

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How to Dispose of Paint Thinner: Dos and Don’ts

disposal of paint thinner

If you work with oil paints, you are also working with paint thinner. So, how do you dispose of the paint thinner when you are finished with what is considered to be hazardous waste? There is a right way to dispose of paint thinner and several wrong ways that many people use without realizing just …

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4 Tested Paint Thinner Substitutes that I Teach My Students

paint thinner substitute

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to use paint thinner to thin your paints or clean brushes and other art materials? There are many alternatives you can use that are a lot safer than the harsh, chemical products known as paint thinners. I have played around with a few paint thinner substitutes, and …

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What To Do If You Get Paint Thinner On Your Skin

paint thinner skin reaction

Paint thinner is great for thinning oil paints and cleaning your painting materials, but it is something that you must use with extreme caution. This is because it can be quite dangerous if it ends up on your skin. If this happens to you, you need to know how to get paint thinner off your …

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What Is Paint Thinner, and How Is It Used?

paint thinner

Paint thinner is a widely-used term for a solution that can be used to dilute oil-based paints. Paint thinner can also be used as a dissolving agent, removing paint from some surfaces. It can even be used to create certain finishes on your paintings and to clean your brushes after you finish painting. There are …

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What is Turpentine, and How Is It Used?


Turpentine is a solvent that is made through the distillation of pine tree resin. It is often used as a paint thinner, and to clean paint brushes. Turpentine has been around for many centuries. Artists have been using it since the 15th century, and it was very popular during the Renaissance era. Today artists still …

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Mineral Spirits vs Turpentine: Which One Should You Use?

mineral spirits vs turpentine

Most artists who paint use solvents to help preserve their paints, thin paints, clean up after painting, etc. Quite often they will use either turpentine or mineral spirits. Quick Summary: There are several reasons to use these solvents. For instance, if you are on a tight budget you can extend the shelf life of oil …

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How to Remove Paint From a Canvas: My Experience

remove paint from canvas

There is no artist who ever lived who hasn’t made a mistake and had to figure out how to get rid of it. Sometimes it isn’t even a mistake, but there is something that the artist would like to change. If you have already added paint to a canvas, how do you remove it to …

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How to Blend Oil Pastels: 5 Techniques

blending oil pastel

If you are anything like me, you like to experiment with various art mediums. One of my first experiments was with oil pastels. These crayons or sticks are thick and greasy, made with pigment combined with a binder, usually mineral oil. Oil pastels are quite versatile, and they can be manipulated to create all kinds …

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Soft Pastels vs Oil Pastels: What Is The Difference?

oil pastels vs soft pastels

Pastels are a fun and interesting medium to work with. But, not all pastels are the same. There are five main types of pastels for artists to use: hard pastels, soft pastels, oil pastels, pan pastels, and pastel pencils. Each of these types of pastels has its own characteristics, and they are used for different …

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