Top 3 Paint And Sip Studios In Cairns QLD Australia

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There are many paint and sip studios in Cairns if you’re searching for creative and relaxing activities. 

There are establishments called “sip and paint studios” where patrons can have a drink while being taught painting techniques by a professional instructor. You don’t need any prior art expertise or talent, only need the desire to let your creative side shine. 

Here are the best three paint and sip classes near you where you can reserve a table for yourself or a large party. 

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Pinot & Picasso CairnsShowgrounds Shopping Centre, Shop 13A/157 Mulgrave Rd, Bungalow 1300414329
Painting Party21 Johnston St, Stratford 0448930223
Come Pour With Me1009 Redlynch Intake Rd, Redlynch 0409216755 or 0740391202

1. Pinot & Picasso Cairns

There are approximately seventy-five sites of Pinot & Picasso in Australia, and the one in Cairns is one of the most popular. 

Pinot & Picasso Cairns at Shop 13a of the Showgrounds Shopping Centre on Mulgrave Road provides a first-rate, alcoholic entertainment experience. 

You’re welcome to bring your booze and snacks or place an order from one of their neighboring partner establishments. 

You can find paintings depicting landscapes, animals, abstract designs, and even images from pop culture at this paint and drink studio. Schedule an individual session to create a work of art or a subject that is unique to you. 

The average session lasts three hours and costs $69 per participant. An experienced host at a paint party will lead you through a fun, collaborative painting session where you can learn the art form’s fundamentals (or more advanced methods). 

By the conclusion of the evening, you’ll have your masterpiece to show off or give as a present.

2. Painting Party

Painting Party is yet another well-liked drink and paint venue located in Cairns. It is led by Ady Braid, an experienced educator and an accomplished artist. 

Painting Party is a BYO studio with a warm and welcoming atmosphere at 21 Johnston Street in Stratford. Those who would rather paint in the comfort of their own homes can participate in their Zoom sessions. 

Landscapes, flowers, animals, portraits, and more are all available on Painting Party to cater to various preferences and celebrations. You may even commission a particular piece of art for a more intimate gathering. 

Two hours and $60 are allotted for each session at this sip and paint studio. Everything from canvas to paint to brushes to aprons to easels will be supplied. 

Ady will guide you through making your original work of art, so you can be proud of what you’ve made.

3. Come Pour With Me

Come Pour With Me is an original sip and paint venue in Cairns focused on flowing acrylic painting. Pouring or dripping acrylic paint over a surface to make abstract patterns and effects is the hallmark of “fluid acrylic art.” 

Candice Smith is the owner and instructor at this paint and drink studio. She is an accomplished flowing acrylic artist who sells her works online and hosts in-person workshops. 

In Redlynch, at 1009 Redlynch Intake Road, Come Pour With Me offers a three-hour session for $65. You will learn four methods of applying acrylic to tiles and canvases that may be used as coasters, stands, or wall hangings. 

You’ll get to experiment with various mediums and tools to add dimension and depth to your paintings through textures and cells. 

This paint and sip studio provides all of the equipment, including gloves, aprons, and safety gear. You’re welcome to bring food and drink to enjoy as you pour.


In Cairns, Queensland, Australia, you may enjoy exercising your artistic side by painting and drinking. These top 3 paint and sip studios in Cairns are the perfect places to try something new, commemorate a special occasion, or have a good time with friends. 

Make your reservation today and find out how much fun painting is!

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