Top 5 Paint and Sip Studios In Townsville QLD Australia

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Trying to find the top paint and drink venues in Townsville, Queensland, Australia? Visit one of the region’s five best paint and sip studios to release your inner artist and have a great time. 

These studios provide a variety of painting lessons and a welcoming community that will spark creativity in artists of all levels. Townsville has a booming sip and paint culture, with events including everything from traditional painting to modern takes on classic themes and methods. 

Read on now to discover the top 5 paint and sip classes near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Wasted Paint Studio671 Flinders St, Townsville 0449199520
Pinot & Picasso Townsville505 Flinders St, Townsville 0424509358
Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern25 Bell St, South Townsville 0411897472
Tipsy Doodle80 Mather St, Garbutt 0480093443
Canvas & Vino55 Riverside Blvd, Heatley 0406060432

1. Wasted Paint Studio

Located at 671 Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD 4810, Wasted Paint Studio is the area’s best paint and drink venue. Over a hundred reviewers have given it a perfect score of five stars on both Google and Facebook.

Wasted Paint Studio features paintings with subject matter ranging from the natural world to animals to landscapes to modern society. If you have a specific image in mind that you’d want to be painted, you may also submit it as a request. 

The enthusiastic local artists there will guide you while you let your imagination run wild and have a blast.

When you need a location to celebrate a special occasion or have a good time with friends, family, or coworkers, Wasted Paint Studio is the place to go. It offers a warm and inviting studio space accommodating up to 40 individuals.

2. Pinot & Picasso Townsville

With over 70 locations, Pinot & Picasso has become the most popular sip and paint venue in Australia. On Google, Pinot & Picasso Townsville has a 5-star rating from 15 customers.

Paint and sip classes at Pinot & Picasso run the gamut from abstract to realistic, from nature to pop culture. Sessions like Paint Your Zodiac, Paint Your Pet, and Live Nude Painting are also available. 

You are welcome to bring your libations and refreshments or place an order from one of their neighboring partner establishments. Expert hosts will lead you through painting on canvas, instructing you on the fundamentals and allowing you to explore your artistic potential.

Pinot & Picasso Townsville is a fantastic location for social gatherings of many kinds, including birthday parties, hen nights, team-building events, and even simple dating nights. A total of 24 guests may be accommodated in the studio’s luxurious surroundings. 

What you can make in a few hours will astound you, and you can take it home.

3. Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern

If you’re looking for a sip and paint studio focusing on chalk paint and pattern methods, go no further than Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern. 

Furniture, home décor, and even canvas may be transformed into works of art with the help of the painting skills taught at Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern. Depending on your preferences and available resources, there are many possible projects. 

You’re welcome to bring your libations and food or place an order with one of their neighboring partner businesses. You can trust that their knowledgeable teachers will show you what to do when using their supplies.

Workshops, craft parties, ladies’ nights, and other gatherings may all find a welcoming home at Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern. Painting while enjoying your drink of choice is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. You may retain your finished masterpiece as a souvenir.

It has had 28 reviews on Facebook, with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

4. Tipsy Doodle

Tipsy Doodle is another top sip and paint provider that can tailor an event to your needs. Artists are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild in an atmosphere that celebrates the sociability of painting. 

Tipsy Doodle is an excellent paint and sip place to go with friends, on a date, or even if you want to paint by yourself and meet new people. Classes provide a wide range of painting topics, from landscapes to animals, guaranteeing that everyone may find a subject that speaks to them. 

Clients love the fun, social atmosphere, and the ability to make unique works of art while sipping a beverage or two.

5. Canvas & Vino

Canvas & Vino is another drink and paint business that travels to local bars, restaurants, and other places to provide three-hour educational painting workshops. 

Paint party studios are becoming more popular, and this one offers a variety of sessions taught by professional painters. Participants can experiment with various painting mediums, from acrylics to watercolors. 

Customers love Canvas & Vino because it’s a great place to unwind and express their artistic side in a warm and inviting environment. The sip and paint studio is a flexible venue since it can host various events, including private parties, team-building exercises, and special occasions.


Finally, these top 5 studios in Townsville, QLD, Australia, have you covered if you want a unique drink and paint experience. 

Each studio provides its special flavor, from the laid-back vibe of Wasted Paint Studio to the variety of programs offered by Pinot & Picasso Townsville. Visit Gaysha Contemporary Chalk Paint and Pattern to learn about decorative painting methods, laugh at Tipsy Doodle, or enjoy some art, wine, and good company at Canvas & Vino. Learn to paint while enjoying a drink at one of Townsville’s excellent paint and sip studios.

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