How Much Should I Charge For A Paint And Sip Session?

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So, you have decided to start teaching paint and sip classes, and you likely have dozens, if not hundreds of questions. One of the first questions I wondered about was what to charge to teach at these parties.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question. Quite often, the rates will vary, depending on a number of factors.

Obviously, you will need to charge enough to make teaching painting classes worth your while. But, you also need to make sure that you aren’t charging too much.

What to Charge for Paint and Sip Parties

If you are thinking about teaching at paint and sip parties or hosting one, keep reading to learn more about how to set your rates and pricing.

Consider Your Expenses

One of the first things to consider when deciding what to charge to teach at painting parties is your own expenses. As the instructor, you will most often be required to have all of the necessary art supplies on hand.

When I first got into teaching these classes, I spent around $400 to get all of the supplies I would need. I taught a class of 21 people at my first party, at $40 per person.

So, I more than doubled my initial investment and made a profit on my first try.

In some cases, the host of the party will supply all of the materials needed for each guest to complete their paintings. When this happens, you will be able to offer a lower rate.

If you are providing all of the art supplies, I recommend charging more, because you need to recoup your expenses.

Occasional Purchases

First, let’s take a look at the supplies that you only have to purchase occasionally. Remember, the students only leave with their finished paintings, not the rest of the supplies, unless they are purchasing art supply kits from you.

Keep in mind that you should have enough supplies on hand for at least 20 people, sometimes more.

  • Acrylic paints – Pick up a few sets of beginner acrylic paints with primary colors and a few other colors. These sets cost around $3 to $4 at dollar stores, sometimes less.
  • Paint brush sets – You can get paint brush sets at discount stores for as low as $1 per set, depending on the amount of brushes in the set.
  • Palette knives – I suggest buying a few packages of plastic palette knives. Quite often, you can get several in a package for less than $5.
  • Paint palettes – A small palette will cost around $1.
  • Water cups – Just buy a package of disposable cups for around $2. This should last for at least two or three parties.

Things to Buy for Each Paint Party

There will be some things that you need to buy for each painting party you teach. These include:


Some art suppliers sell canvases in bulk, which will help to cut down on costs. Generally you can get five to seven canvases for less than $20.

Food and Drink

If the paint and sip party is in a home, most often the host will supply the food and drink, or it will be a BYOB event. 

If you are renting a venue or hosting the party in your own studio, you will need to decide if you are going to provide food and drink or ask guests to bring their own food and snacks.

If you are providing food and drinks, this is another expense you will have to consider when deciding on the rate per person attending the paint parties.

Cleaning supplies (paper towels, drop cloths, etc.)

You will need to have cleaning supplies, including paper towels and plastic drop cloths. You can buy paper towels in bulk to save money. Plastic drop cloths can be as simple as dollar store table cloths, which are relatively cheap.

Where Will You Be Teaching?

One of the first things to consider when setting your rates is where you will be teaching. This is one of the main reasons why the prices can vary.

Teach at Your Home Studio

If you have enough space in your home art studio, it is a great place to teach paint and drink classes. Your overhead will be minimal.

Teach at the Host’s Home

A lot of paint parties are held in private homes. This is great for you as a teacher, because you won’t have to worry about any rental expenses. The space will be provided by the host.

Rent a Venue

Sometimes you need a lot of space, especially if the paint party is going to be a big fundraising event. This may require renting a venue, which can get quite costly. If you need to rent a venue, you will need to factor in this expense as well when setting your prices.

What Should You Charge to Teach a Paint and Sip Party?

It will be up to you as to the rate you charge each person who attends the painting parties you teach. On average, most people expect to pay at least $35. This includes all of the materials they will be using, and your expertise as an instructor.

If you are providing food and beverages, I recommend increasing the cost per person to around $40 to $45 per person. 

Again, you need to factor in the exact amount you spend on food and drinks, and divide that amount by the number of people attending. If you spend $100 on wine and there are 25 guests, you will need to charge at least $5 extra per person in order to make a profit.


It isn’t a far stretch to expect to earn at least $400 per paint and sip party. Keep your rates as low as possible, while still allowing yourself the chance to earn a profit.

Your initial investment will be less than $1,000, and you can make this back, and then some, in just a couple of parties.

Check this guide on paint and sip instructor salary for more tips.

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