Top 1 Paint And Sip Studio In Parramatta NSW Australia

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Looking for the top paint and sip studio in Parramatta? Stop right there! 

This post will reveal Parramatta’s best sip and paint studio, guaranteeing a fun and memorable day. 

The famous drink and paint classes in Parramatta await you to release your inner artist. Whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or are a seasoned pro, our studio is the perfect place to unleash your artistic potential in a supportive and encouraging community atmosphere. 

Don’t miss out on exploring the boundless realm of creation at the number-one paint and sip studio near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Pinot & Picasso Shop 3/382 Church St, Parramatta 1300414329

1. Pinot & Picasso

Australia’s most popular paint and drink venue, Pinot & Picasso allows you to channel your inner Picasso as you relax with a glass of wine. For your next social event, Pinot & Picasso Parramatta is the finest option, and here’s why:

  • The wide range of art forms: 

From landscapes to portraits, from intricate paintings to themed parties, Pinot & Picasso Parramatta has something for everyone’s taste. Find an activity that appeals to your interests and abilities, or try something new. 

Private paint parties are also available, during which you can pick any piece of art you like from their extensive collection.

  • The guidance of experts:

There is plenty of freedom for your imagination as local painters at this drink and paint studio walk you through each stage of the painting process. 

The artists will provide guidance and instruction to ensure that even those with little painting expertise may enjoy the event.

  • Bring Your Own Food and Drink:

You may paint and snack on your food and drink at Pinot & Picasso Parramatta. You can snack on cheese, crackers, fruits, or whatever else you like while drinking your preferred wine, beer, or cocktail. 

Chatting with friends or meeting new people throughout the session makes it more enjoyable and calming.

  • Reasonable Prices:

Paint and sip classes start at a reasonable $49 per person throughout the week. You may save money by making a reservation in bulk, purchasing a gift certificate, or enrolling in a reward club. 

After class, you can take your masterpiece home as a souvenir.

  • Convenient location:

Shop 3/382 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 21501, Pinot & Picasso Parramatta is conveniently positioned for anyone traveling by automobile or public transportation. 

The studio has a chic and contemporary aesthetic and is roomy and comfortable. The area has plenty of restaurants, pubs, stores, and parks to visit.


In conclusion, Pinot & Picasso is your best bet for the best paint and sip studio in Parramatta. 

Art lovers and anyone wishing to relax with a paintbrush will find our studio the perfect place to do both. Thanks to its knowledgeable teachers, a wide selection of paintings, and a friendly environment, it’s the best sip and paint studio in the area. 

Why then wait? Stop by Pinot & Picasso Parramatta, and you’ll come away with priceless memories, a renewed appreciation for the arts, not to mention a thirst for wine.

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